Should Microchipping Your Dog Be Mandatory?

A long haired dachshund at the vet

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It’s National Microchipping Month in the UK, and pet welfare organizations are lobbying to make microchipping your pets mandatory:

Microchipping is safe, low-cost and the most effective way of reuniting a dog with its owners. By making it compulsory, Scottish Government would send a strong message to dog owners about their responsibilities, without putting an additional burden onto those who are already responsible.

And according to the article, 90% of pet parents agree that microchipping should be compulsory.

What do you think? We already have to license and vaccinate our pets – is mandatory microchipping a logical addition or an undue burden?

Pet Owner Alert: Don’t Leave Your Dog In The Car!

Link to Fox 12 video about dogs in cars and heat stroke

Now that summer is fully upon us, we pet owners need to remember that the days of being able to leave our dog in the car while we run errands are over – at least for a few months.

While I know leaving Jake in the car while I run into the dry cleaners or Stumptown for a moment isn’t the best habit to get into, it’s especially dangerous during the summer. Dogs can’t release heat by sweating the way we can, and older dogs are especially susceptible to heat stroke. This video shows exactly how quickly a car in even moderate heat can become fatal for your pup.

Three Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe On July 4th

Patriotic dog carrying an American flag

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Independence Day is coming up, and with it, one of the most traumatic holiday celebrations for dogs – fireworks.

Many dogs react poorly to fireworks, but there are steps you can take to prevent harm or loss of your pet.

Make sure all pets are securely tagged and accurately microchipped. If the worst happens and your anxious dog or cat bolts, you’ll be glad you checked that their collars fit snugly and safely, and any contact information is up to date. You can also ask your vet to scan your dog ahead of time to ensure his microchip is still functioning, and has your current address and phone number associated with it.

Provide a safe place for pets to retreat. Needless to say, your dog should stay home from the fireworks display, preferably with a human companion. Your dog’s crate, a closet with a favorite bed or blanket, or other “den” will help your dog feel safe while bombs are bursting in air. It’s a good idea to keep curtains and blinds drawn, and windows and doors closed to minimize visual and audio stimulation.

Keep your dog occupied. A favorite toy, treat, or a frozen Kong stuffed with peanut butter can distract your pup from the cacophony outside.

How do you plan to keep your pets calm during the fireworks? We recently moved to a new neighborhood known for it’s illegal street displays of fireworks, and I’m hoping Jake keeps his cool in the basement!

3 Awesome Pet Adoption Commercials

No longer relegated to slow-motion shots of caged puppies over a Sarah McLachlan soundtrack, pet adoption PSAs are getting artsy, clever, hip, and yes, even viral.

Here’s one from the ASPCA with ABC News’s Dan Harris, starring his shelter cat:

Regardless of what you think of dubstep, appropriating the Hovercat meme was pretty clever.

This spot from the San Francisco SPCA features enough fake fur suits to make a furry convention happy, a clever tune, and an anti-puppy mill message:

The Shelter Pet Project did a whole series of spots with human voiceovers and adorable adoptable animals – this one’s probably my favorite:

Do you think the high production value commercials help get more animals into loving homes? Or would you prefer your donations to pet rescue organizations go to caring for animals directly?

A Beautiful Memorial For A Loved Family Member

Katie Campbell, a Portland photographer, was called to capture chocolate lab Annie’s last days on film. The results are so precious, Annie’s good nature made me tear up a bit. Seriously, go look now. I’ll wait here. With tissues.

Annie, by Katie Campbell Photography

(image courtesy Katie Campbell photography)

I’ve never thought of hiring a photographer just to take pictures of Jake, but if I knew his end was near, I would certainly consider it now. What a charming and loving way to capture a dear family member.

Have you ever had a real photo session for your dog?