Breed Bans – Protection or Perception Problem?


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In the aftermath of Maryland’s ruling that pit bulls and pit bull mixes are “inherently dangerous”, owners and their landlords are now liable for damages resulting from an attack.

But what constitutes a “pit bull” or “pit bull mix”? Would you be able to recognize one?


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I’ll admit that when I’m at the off leash park and see one or more dogs who look like pit bulls enter, I’m warier than I am when, say, a lab ambles up. But yesterday, at the local off leash with my lab mix and a friend’s French Bulldog, we came upon three pit bulls who were all so friendly – to both humans and my dogs – that I’ll be less suspicious next time.

Have we just been trained to see pit bulls as dangerous, just as we were German Shepherds and Saint Bernards in previous decades? I remember how scary Cujo was, and my avoidance of the breed stuck with me for years!

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