7 Essential Tips For Including Your Dog In Your Wedding

Cute beagle dog in a wedding party

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Wedding season has started, and if your dog is a part of your family, you may want to include him or her in your wedding party. But when you get drunk relatives, small kids, booze, and dogs in a confined space, there’s plenty that can go wrong. The Taunton Daily Gazette offers seven tips on how to keep your wedding from becoming the dog’s breakfast:

Pick a pet-friendly venue. Including your dog as a ringbearer for an outdoor ceremony and enlisting a friend or family member to return your pup home before the reception is a good compromise.

Enlist an escort. Ask someone your dog knows and trusts to handle your dog – the bride and groom certainly won’t have time during the ceremony and reception.

Be prepared. Include all the accoutrements you’d bring on a day trip with your dog – leash, bedding, crate, plenty of treats, rawhides, a favorite toy or Kong, and most importantly, poop bags.

Include your dog in the rehearsal. Make sure he or she is accustomed to any special clothing.

Anticipate the worst. Even the most even-tempered dog can freak out in large crowds. Have an adult in control of the leash at all times, and use a “stunt” ring if your dog will be carrying it.

Be considerate of your guests. If your dear Aunt Irene is wildly allergic or you know your pup will plow down your toddler nieces, leave him or her at home for the wedding. You can always include your pup in your engagement photos.

Roll with the punches. Weddings are often filled with flubs, faints, and unexpected hiccups. Adding a dog to the mix increases the chances of something going wrong exponentially. Look at it as a funny story to tell your kids and grandkids – how many of their parents had their wedding cake demolished by a runaway Mastiff?


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