Speed Dating Goes To The Dogs. Literally.

A speed date at the dog park?

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Speed dating – a round-robin type of event with the goal of meeting as many potential mates as possible – have been around for at least a decade. One enterprising pet rescue has decided to take the concept one step further, helping potential pet parents find a new four-legged friend.

On five-minute “dates,” the potential adopters will interact one-on-one with a furry suitor. This time is used to see if chemistry exists between the dog and person.

Event organizer Pam Partis hopes to arrange for eight dogs to attend the event.

Personally, I love this idea as a way to find new homes for well-socialized dogs. At last year’s Portland White Party, I was able to take a break from the human socializing to spend time with some of Oregon Humane Society‘s special guests:

(photo by Michelle Pearl Gee)

While I have a full house right now, pet-wise, I would welome the opportunity to “try before I buy”. Allowing potential adoptees to interact in a warm, casual environment outside the shelter helps everyone’s personality shine through, human and canine.

Would you prefer to interact with a potential new pet in a neutral location before adopting? And are appetizers and wine an enticement to attend?