Do your holiday pet shopping locally!


“Plaidradoodle”, by flickr user lexuh

Buying presents for our pets and the pet lovers in our lives is almost as much fun as shopping for cute baby clothes. If you live in Portland, Oregon, why not shop at some of these local businesses and keep your money in the community?

Dog Star Daycare

Although Dog Star is primarily a doggie day care, I’ve never walked out without a purchase. Owner Theresa helped me fit Jake with the Gentle Leader that’s saved my left shoulder, and even gave me great advice and a handful of treats to feed him on the walk home to acclimate him to his new head collar. Conveniently located in the Pearl District, Dog Star promotes adoption by featuring adoptable kitties in their front window for shoppers and passers-by to coo over. Theresa’s committment to adoption includes discounts on your first purchase, a free half-day of daycare, and a discounted vet exam.

What to buy

While cute leashes and collars are always fun, buying a friend a package of daycare days can be a thoughtful gift. Dog Star carries Wellness as well as many other brands of high-quality food and can order products they don’t have in stock.

1313 NW Kearney Street
Portland, OR 97209


The Wet Spot

A fixture in the Hollywood District for as long as I’ve lived in Portland, it’s easy to attribute the Wet Spot’s longevity to novelty. Far from it, their selection of freshwater tropical fish and aquarium supplies is extensive, and their staff is incredibly knowledgable. They post updates to their stock on their popular Facebook page and offer maintenance services to help you with set up as well as regular health checkups and algae control.

What to buy

If you know what the fish-o-phile in your life wants, or just want to surprise them, The Wet Spot is sure to have something great in stock. That said, a real fish-hound could go crazy here with a generous gift certificate!

4310 NE Hancock
Portland, OR 97213


Western Pet Supply

“Serving Portland’s pets for over 20 years” is the motto at Western Pet Supply, and they live up to it! Started when founders Bill and Julie made a cedar pet bed for their Golden Retriever, Boohn, the business has grown to be an anchor in the Portland community. More than just dog and cat food, they carry supplies for everybody from horse people to urban homesteaders building chicken coops.

What to buy

Almost anything – they carry Chuck-its and Kong products for your canine buddies, catnip toys for the kitties, and even wild bird feeders for those who prefer their companion animals more free-range. Western Pet Supply does not charge additional fees for special orders.

6908 SW Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy
Portland, OR 97225